Classes for All Ages

schoolArtist Cindy Chinn, a west coast native, had a dream!

She dreamed of being able to have all of her tools out at the same time. This was an impossible dream in single family home so she had to look outside the box… While shopping on eBay one day, she found the answer she had been looking for, a 30,000+ sq’ building with 15 rooms to spread out her tools in! As a matter of fact, she’s going to have to buy more to fill the space! (she isn’t very sad about that either) So she asked herself, “what will I do with all these studios when I’m not using them? I should share my dream!” So the Center of Creativity was born… we will soon opening our doors to other Artist that just want to get away for a weekend or a week or longer and take an artist vacation or work on a special project. We will offer studio time and/or special classes to individuals or groups, in a variety of mediums. You will be able to design a session to fit your needs and receive one on one training in the subject of your choice.

Past Workshops have included: Batik (dyed) Tote Bags, Bird Houses, Clocks, Lamps, Sun Printing, Gourd Candles and more!

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